Dr. Stefan Winkler
freier Softwareentwickler und IT-Berater

I had a great EclipseCon Europe with great talks, great people and as always delicious food. It was nice meeting and discussing with all of you. I was particularly fascinated how easy it is to start creating something physical on the basis of the Arduino Platform which has been demonstrated by David Cuartielles in his Keynote. When I have some spare time, I'll have to experiment with Arduino! BTW, if you are interested in cool stuff around Arduino, be sure to pay a visit to Makezine.com, a magazine website which shows amazing projects in that area.

Now, as I'm feeling like just coming home from one EclipseCon, the next one is only a short time away; and today is the deadline for talk proposals (So, if you are, like me, waiting for the last second, you should wake up and start writing now!). I actually woke up just yesterday and wrote two proposals which I have been thinking about for several weeks now, but never had to time to write down:

  • There and back again -- as quick as a flash will be a talk about the model persistence backend of CDO. I will present the different store implementations and give some insight on how they work. I'll also provide hints on how to tweak performance with the CDO persistence mechanisms.
  • Everyday Git will discuss what switching to (E)Git means in terms of the everyday development workflow. Together with Eike Stepper, we will have a look on how CDO handles things with (E)Git not so much on a technical level, but on an organizational/business process level.

I hope you find these talks interesting. If so, please drop by on the session proposal sites and add a comment and/or vote for the talks.